x wallet FAQ

  1. Is the project X-WALLET?

A: The project is anonymous 8+1; X-WALLET is one of the ecosystems.

  1. Where is the company?

A: Estonia in Europe, Estonia is the technological capital of Europe.

  1. Who created the anonymous 8+1?

A: It is a platform for the eight major investors to jointly fund and build.

  1. Are the eight capital parties integrated?

A: Yes.

  1. What is anonymous 8+1?


i) Anonymous Wallet X-WALLET ii) Smart Contract X-TRADE iii) Payment System X-PAYMENT iv) Mall X-MALLS

v) game X-GAMES vi) mining machine X-MINING vii) anonymous main chain XCN

Viii) Anonymous Exchange X-EXCHANGE + Fan System X-FANS

This is a set of project planning for the company, and how to eliminate the bubble produced in the process. Goal: Anonymous Main Link XCN + Anonymous Exchange X-EXCHANGE

  1. How to contact customer service?

A: Submit the work order in the background

  1. Is there community customer service?

A: Yes. Micro signal: yanyan1010446

  1. Anonymous 8+1 representative? answer:

Chief Operation Officer – Davis Rodriguez Chief Technology Officer – Greyson Hernandez Chief Investment tOfficer – William Springer Chief Marketing Technologist – Kurt Jacomet Chief Procurement Officer – Dexter Fletcher Marketing Director – Ethan Miguel

  1. How long will the company go?


The company’s ecological construction plan for 2 years (anonymous 8+1)

Capital Market Planning 5 years (anonymous main chain + anonymous exchange)

  1. What should the company do?

i) Fully anonymous basic public chain based on blockchain 4.0 technology

Ii) Landing anonymous exchanges (realizing capital market profit)

Iii) Anonymous 8+1 (to get fans and XCN circulation) in order to achieve the above goals

  1. In which countries does the community have a market?

The communities are Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Europe and America. Of course, the biggest market at present is China!

  1. What is special about the project?

A: Anonymity is the core value. In the future, I will have my own anonymous wallet, anonymous currency, and anonymous exchange.

About the highlights:

  1. What are the highlights of the platform? answer:

i) Cold wallet technology ii) Anonymous transaction iii) Destruction mechanism

Iv) 20% wireless commission (dynamic and static redistribution + ecology) v) Clear project layout planning + market play

Vi) Bubble controllable

Vii) Suitable for public participation viii) Multi-network integration

Ix) Leading the trend (anonymous) x) Business school culture

  1. What is the highlight of X-WALLET?


i) decentralization;

Ii) go to the central account;

Iii) peer-to-peer transactions;

Iv) orderly entry and exit;

v) freedom of investment and deposit;

Vi) Risk self-control.

Vii) The system is good for users, the static mechanism is stable, and the dynamic mechanism is profitable.

Viii) Very user-friendly ● Select the smart contract package for each person’s needs 7 days, 15 days, 30 days, 90 days,

VIP45 days;

Ix) The platform control is not controlled, first come first served, and it proves that it is strictly controlled, then the platform will be able to go longer and longer. For the user, there is no risk capital and income to follow, there is no lock.

x) 10, X-Wallet experience is very good, fan users are sticky, daily income needs us to log in and sign, have a timely satisfaction to wait for joy, sign in every day, collect money every day, happy every day.

Xi) Technological innovation and leading, double-protected and safest hardware isolated XCN chip cold wallet, no need for USB to complete the transfer and transfer through Bluetooth function, easy to operate, fast transaction, trading time as low as 10 seconds, called lightning speed, Easy to carry, support multiple currencies, and widely used. There is only one of us on the market.

Xii) XCN Anonymous currency, innovation of destruction mechanism.

About hematopoiesis and elimination of foam:

  1. How does the platform make blood and eliminate foam? answer:


i) Quantitative transactions (with your own independent APP can query profit data)

Ii) Foreign exchange transactions (providing foreign exchange liquidity providers – BTC/USD)

Iii) Over-the-counter trading (capital market trading currency)

Eliminate foam: (most importantly eliminate XCN)

i) Cold wallet (X-KEY)

Ii) Payment System (X-PAY, X-POS, X-CARD)

Iii) Game (small, medium, large) (X-GAMES)

Iv) Mall (X-MALL)

v) Mining machine (X-MINING)

Vi) Fees and liquidated damages arising from various transactions in the system.

Vii) Anonymous exchange

Viii) Institutions purchase anonymous coins

Ix) Consumption of XCN

x) XCN currency management

Xi) Forgot to sign expired

Xii) Institutional burn mechanism

  1. Where does the bubble come from?

A: XCN participating in X-TRADE output; dynamically obtained XCN (the only way)

  1. How is the platform profitable and from which aspects does it eliminate the bubble?


i) XCN, using the gold standard mechanism to control the output through intelligent contracts, the output is very difficult, it is not unilaterally rising, there are fluctuations, according to the user’s transaction in and out of the platform, the platform funds The party will go to maintain a balance point. At the same time, the handling fee is deducted, and the handling fee is only charged by XCN. 1%, this is one of the ways to eliminate the bubble. Smart contracts are not long-term, it is only the first stage to absorb powder, to create the market value of future XCN

Ii) Cold Wallet (X-KEY): A cold wallet that supports secure offline storage of multi-wallet links. The characteristics of the wallet are not mentioned here. When there are more fans on the platform, everyone will need to transfer money and store them. Under the push of all nodes and fans around the world, we will not buy more than 50% of the people, which is also a lot of volume.

Iii) Payment System (X-PAY, X-POS, X-CARD): Complete landing application, support more than 1500 digital currency transactions, accept XCN Anonymous currency payment for more than 10,000 offline entities worldwide, and give global membership Bring convenience to offline store purchases. We will enable XCN to circulate and consume in the global business system. Then, from the sales of X-POS/X-Card, etc., you will get a profit, such as the daily fee, you will get a continuous income.

Iv) Games (Small, Medium, Large) (X-GAMES): : A variety of games to cater to the participation of different groups, for example. The capital side will launch a series of small and medium-sized games. These games will have a dynamic bonus system model similar to the 1.0 “smart contract”. The static will be based on the locked position, but the cycle will be more than 1.0 “smart contract”. Longer, there will be a 90-day/180-day/360-day matching cycle, and the revenue will be higher than the 1.0 “smart contract.” When the market enters the outbreak period, the capital side will stage a real blockchain big game (similar to eating chicken) and physical mining machine. In order to meet the various needs of the participants, the profitability of the game is imaginative.

v) Mall (X-MALL): To provide good services between more businesses and users, the main profit of the mall comes from the price difference of sales products, advertising fees, agency fees, handling fees, which is also the best digestive bubble. The way.

Vi) Mining machine (X-MINING): XCN Anonymous currency mainline is launched. When demand is higher than circulation, just after it is reached, it forms a valued currency with demand. It is mainly based on the sale of physical mining machines, and it has obtained considerable profits.

Vii) Anonymous exchange, the transaction fee incurred by the transaction.

  1. How to phase out/control the bubble in the market? answer:

The first stage:

XCN exchange fee (XCN payment) coin handling fee (XCN payment)

45-day XCN Smart Contract (XCN participation)

second stage:

Mall opening (XCN purchase)

Game (small, medium, big)

Entity landing (payment)

Chat information,

Etc. multiple ecosystems

(At the same time, the powder is sucked and the foam is within the controllable range)

(Implementing multi-network integration, unified system. Let the market gain multiple benefits)

The third stage:

Anonymous exchange online

Anonymous mainline online

(Daily destruction, large institutions use anonymous currency transfer, the bubble of anonymous currency is completely absorbed)

The fourth stage:

Ecological dividend

About registration:

  1. How many accounts can I apply for a number? answer:

One number, one account, one email, one account.

An account can have a large number of packages, and the total number of packages can not exceed 50,000 US dollars.

  1. How many registered members does the company have?

A: Each day, the platform’s independent visits are released.

  1. If the registration is wrong, can I change the referrer?

A: No.

About the X-TRADE system:


  1. How to deposit money? answer:

Currently: BTC ETH USDT can be used to enter the gold order.

Coming soon: LTC EOS ZEC DASH and so on.

  1. What is the income?


Different income for different days

7 days : 1.4%-3.0%

15 days: 4.0%-8.0%

30 days : 9.0% – 18.0% (monthly)

90 days : 13.0% – 20.0% (monthly)

45 days : 18.0% – 30.0% (only XCN participation)

  1. How much can you participate? A: 100USDT.
  2. How much does the deposit become a valid user (enjoy the dynamics)? A: $500.
  3. What does the gold standard mean?


Estimate the value of the investment at the time based on the currency you invested. The ups and downs of the invested coins and your influence have not been affected. There will be no change in interest.

  1. Is the profit too low? answer:

the company:

For long-term layout, the profit is reasonable.


You can choose to maximize layout benefits

You can also re-submit 45 days to get more XCN

The gains will not change between 15% and 30%.


As long as the company is reasonably long-lasting, it is good for members and healthy for the team’s sustainable income development.

  1. Why do you have to sign each day? So complicated. answer:

The platform spends a lot of money to attract effective fans. The long-term platform is full of live-active fans to create unlimited income for the company.

Every day clicks have a benefit and everyone can see the platform (as easy as clicking).

  1. If you do not sign in within 24 hours, can you sign up the next day?

A: I didn’t sign in within 24 hours, I can’t make up the next day, which means I didn’t get any income that day.

  1. Is it necessary to withdraw your principal in the contract period? A: Yes.
  2. How to reinvest?

A: Manual re-investment. The platform is unique in 45 days of financial management, with higher returns. Only accept XCN investment, and the return on investment is even bigger!

  1. Does the smart contract have a locked position? A: No. Follow in and out.
  2. Is there a liquidated damage to the smart contract early? How many? A: Yes.

7 days : 5%

15 days: 10%

30 days: 15%

90 days: 20%

45 days: 30%

  1. Why is the company’s liquidated damages so high? A: Effective control to prevent against redemption.

(Of course, we will not destroy the contract after we invest in it)

  1. How to maximize benefits?


This specific consultation with your referees, they are more professional. The main thing is that you understand our project first. If there is no objection, you can make money by depositing money.

  1. Check in daily interest? But the interest on the collar is to be pumped 20%? why? answer:

A 20% charge for each signed receipt will be allocated as a node commission income (like the earnings distribution of foreign exchange, the dynamic bubble is low).

  1. Why is the package sold out every day?

A: The company controls and conducts wind control.

  1. 1% will be charged upon withdrawal of the contract. Then did you withdraw and continue to reinvest?

A: I still charge 1%. After the smart contract expires, the system will automatically withdraw the coins to the wallet.


  1. What are the highlights of the bonus system? answer:

i) unlimited commission

(The team static and dynamic sum is reassigned to the node) (all the company’s ecological sharing)

It also guarantees that the team leader has unlimited income, that is, it is not a bubble of the company. Balance the benefits of the platform and investors.

Ii) Multi-network integration, unified system

Mall games and many physical applications, exchanges, etc. will use the same reward system, so the platform is in place.

(The established team has a profit no matter where it is)

(Work hard once, follow the company’s planning, build a good network at a time, repeat the increasing income, it can be said that the real pipeline revenue!)

  1. Simply say the bonus system. answer:


10 generation team day earnings.


i) Algebraic returns (up to 20 generations of rewards)

Ii) can take the leader team total income up to 5 generations

Iii) Unlimited commission income.

Iv) Level/Level Award (limited to one level within 20 generations)

v) Global weighted dividends Global node 10%

  1. Is the upper node assessing whether the three zones are directly pushed or under the umbrella? A: The level that appears under the umbrella that is pushed straight.
  2. Is there a burn in the dynamic?

A: Yes.

  1. Burns are not good! answer:

Platform burns are proof of the attitude of the platform to do things, control. The heart of the platform is good.

We do the market to play the market. The same as the funds that everyone has entered, there will be no burns. Think fast, still steady. Earn a little more, you can earn big