How to deposit and buy x trade contracts

  1. Go to asset page. Click deposit.
  2. Select payment you would like to deposit. Currently are BTC, Eth and usdt erc20 (note that this is ethereum based usdt).
  3. Go to 3rd party payment proceesor and paste the crypto deposit address.
  4. After few minutes to an hour, click the BTC or eth or erc20 usdt icon to refresh the balance.
  5. After your btc arrived, go to asset page and click contract.
  6. Click icon invest now at the top right corner. Select the contract you want to buy. If the contract already sold out, waiting for next day new contract and buy immediately.
  7. Buy contract: select currency, quantity btc, and transaction password.
  8. Let’s all, profit sharing will be start next working days. Go to contract and click the right hand side icon to check in and claim revenue everyday. Never forget to check in daily. Thanks

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