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X-wallet mobile

X-wallet mobile

X wallet is an blockchain 4.0 mobile wallet to store your crypto currency with X trade profit sharing concept.

XCN token wallet is like blockchain.info and coinpayments.net online wallet. However our super wallet will let you earn interest (profit sharing concept). 6-15% monthly profit allocate to your wallet. Besides, the X key card, POS machine, games, wormhole protocol, masternodes mining pool income and DApp will share certain percentage with the users.

What is X Wallet?

Some people ask XCN global anonymous public chain, X-WALLET global universal wallet, what are the advantages that you are so obsessed with, so crazy
1. XCN anonymous public chain public chain solves the privacy problem of our mutual transactions. No one is willing to expose their identity during the transaction process. (The exchange must hold all the real information of the ID card, and the digital currency is transparent and transparent. Therefore, the XCN anonymous public chain came into being. 2. The second network is unified and the system is unified. Smart contracts, and the upcoming gaming halls (small, medium, and large). Suitable for all types of people, no matter which version of the model you make “one time to build” the team is effective and the proceeds are all taken. 4. X-WALLET launched the world’s first card-type cold wallet. Everyone knows that today’s dazzling digital currency has an advantage, but the first to launch X-KEY cold wallet to store their digital assets. Moreover, the cold wallet only has the size of the bank card, supports the mobile phone Bluetooth to earn digital assets 4, X-WALLET is the first to launch its own digital currency POS machine, you can brush 1500 kinds of digital currency into the people or your suitable legal currency. X-POS can be brushed at a minimum of 0.01 yuan, and the arrival time is up. 5. X-WALLET is coming, and the global market is about to start. That means the market is blank. 6. One billion XCNs were destroyed under the strong commercial closed-loop support (payment, shopping, games, gaming…), leaving only 13 million. 7. Only smart contracts can earn XCN?

Why Token Price continue UP?

Token Eco Circle: Demand of XCN Token continuously increase caused token price increase. Below are various types of demand:

How is the platform profitable?
1➡️XCN, using the gold standard mechanism to control the output through intelligent contracts, the output is very difficult, it is not unilaterally rising, there are fluctuations, according to the user’s transaction in and out of the platform, to maintain a balance point. If the handling fee is deducted, then the handling fee will only be charged by XCN. 1%, this is one of the ways to eliminate the bubble.
Smart contracts are not long-term, it is only the first stage to absorb powder, to create the market value of the future XCN

2 Leica Cold Wallet (X-KEY): A cold wallet that supports secure offline storage of multi-wallet links. The characteristics of the wallet are not mentioned here. When there are more fans on the platform, everyone will need to transfer money and store them. Under the promotion of all nodes and fans around the world, we will not buy more than 50% of the people, which is also a lot of volume.

3 💱 Payment System (X-PAY, X-POS, X-CARD): With perfect landing application, we will enable XCN to circulate and consume in the global business system. Then, from the sales of X-POS/X-Card, etc., you will get a profit, such as the daily fee, you will get a continuous income.

4 📱 game (small, medium, large) (X-GAMES): : A variety of games to cater to the participation of different groups, such as the small game carousel by investing a small amount of XCN to go to more XCN. In order to meet the various needs of the participants, the profitability of the game is imaginative.

5 🏩 Mall (X-MALL): To provide good services between more businesses and users, the main profit of the mall comes from the price difference of sales products, advertising fees, agency fees, handling fees, which is also the best digestive bubble. The way.

6 X-MINING: XCN Anonymous currency mainline is on the line. When the demand is higher than the circulation, just after it is reached, it forms a valued currency with demand. It is mainly based on the sale of physical mining machines, and it has obtained considerable profits.

7 📊 Anonymous exchange, the transaction fee incurred by the transaction.

The XCN Token xWallet DApp APPS

The xcn Token Wallet DApp APPS

Latest rewards distribution time:

  1. Daily rewards cut off time: 12am (Singapore time)
  2. Rewards distribution:

Personal passive rewards – Must Click to get.

Group active rewards. Must click to get.

Above time: Singapore time (GMT)

x-wallet in news

X wallet team income sources:

  • Anonymous Main net income (fee pay with xcn token).
  • X trade fee charge 20% income
  • Masternodes(POS) Mining income
  • Payment processor x key wallet
  • Anonymous X exchange
  • Business center fee
  • DApp games
  • Card fees

Conclusion: xcn works like an online banking system in blockchain.

How to earn? xcn token wallet

Hooray! Instead of keeping your token in your online wallet or exchange wallet, it is better to keep in xcn token mobile wallet to gain profit. This can reduce the loss of profit when your coin/token down in the marketplace. When the coin market price increase, you will gain more than others.

For example you keep one bitcoin in the wallet, you will get USD650-1300 per month average (10-20%) if the price of bitcoin is USD6500. If you refer a friend to join with one bitcoin too, you will get what she earn 30%. In this case he will get $650-1200 per month and you will get $195-360 per month too ( 1st level direct line 30%).

Please take note that minimum USD500+ worth of token or maximum USD50,000 shall put into the wallet in order to take the profit sharing, referral program and more. Otherwise, it is just the normal wallet like blockchain.info and coinpayments.

Please remember the cut off time is 12am (GMT+8). If you deposit before 12am (Singapore time), you will get pay the next day. Important:you must click “check in” to get daily income. How to check payment arrive? Click the contract icon in x wallet section and click check in icon. Touch screen up and down to referesh the app. Earnings calculation will appear first and asset will be update later after all earnings being input to the system.

X-wallet team

Rewards summary

X Key

OUR ROADMAP Switzerland S Block

Development planning

2019 oct under construction

Excellent Team

Rewards Program

Rewards Program

Powered by a Team Our Strength

  1. world class blockchain team 2) Latest technology multi currency wallet. multi layer protection. 3) 6% – 20% revenue sharing monthly 4) Strong motivated team 5) Sponsor revenue 100% for direct sponsor members and 10% for level 2 – 10  ; 5% for level 11 -15 .
  2. Market Plan for active user who want to make money. Click HERE
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Token Historical Price Trend
㊙ XCN Token Price Historical Trend
2019.10.09 $ 1.00
2019.10.10 $ 1.163
2019.10.13 $ 1.2106
XCN Token Price at Uptrend. 📈📈📈
The xcn token is expect to have more than 30x – 50x to grow this year. All this pofits or dividends will share to S Block users. As long as you save your money in the wallet, you will enjoy the profits. The results are beyond imagination!

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